October 24, 2017

Last chance to vote on our 3rd environment!

Time is short to make your voice heard in choosing our next environment!

The final count will be made next week and the one with the most votes will be next in line.

The three choices are:

San Francisco
1906 earthquake-torn city.  How do you think Lombard St. got so twisted?

Chinese ghost temple
High on a misty hill with hanging coffins, paper lanterns, and s-s-spooky ghosts!

Belfast docks
Titanic waiting to embark.  It's unsinkable!

Head on over to BrightLocker right now and cast your vote!

September 22, 2017

Music to Brawl to

Let's talk about the music in Legends of the Brawl!

We've got a fantastic write-up for you from our amazing composer, Richard Hunter.  He's from Glasgow, so be sure to read this in a Scottish accent.

Glad he's not wearing a kilt here

Richard Hunter: As Legends of Brawl is based around the early 20th century, much of my work is largely orchestral based, inspired from the era. There was an interesting movement during this time between large scale romantic music and chamber music.  The music in LOB is always inspired by this transition and often elevates from chamber ensemble to full orchestra using certain adaptive music techniques.


Tchaikovsky is a massive inspiration, particularly his string quartet works like Souvenir de Florence - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MElkwgridng&t=313s. Tchaikovsky can have a quite sinister feel as well as beauty in his work, which is something I always aspire to - good vs evil elements in melodies.

That said, I can’t deny that many of my themes are largely inspired from film & games from the 80’s and 90’s. John Williams is the master of creating popular themes and musical representations of mood, and much of the heroic elements of LOB are inspired by films he scored in the 80’s. Game composers' Nobuo Uematsu and Motoi Sakuraba attention to capturing character and level settings was an element I tried to reflect with the atmosphere of LOB environments.

August 24, 2017

Power to the punches

We've talked before about some of the character upgrade items & boosts that we have in the works.  These will take a variety of forms, and many of the positive effects will be balanced by some negative effects, and it will be up to you to figure out the best build for your play style and equipment collection.

We want these upgrades to have drama and flair, so many of them will come with unique visual effects.  You'll be able to see at a glance what upgrades your friends have, and show off your own.

Note: visual effects are still work in progress and not final art.

Devil's Hands
Up first, the classic burning fist.  When equipped, the Devil's Hands melee upgrade will kick in once your sanity meter has reached critical level.  You'll begin taking physical damage, but will likewise deal tremendous damage while they're active.  Don't want your fists on fire anymore?  Find a way to restore your sanity, pass out, or die, whichever comes first!

Assassin's Blades
Of course, all characters will have a multitude of upgrades.  Shown above is Lizzie's Assassin Blades upgrade which raise her attack a small amount, decrease her max health a small amount, and most importantly, increase the range of her critical sanity level.  This makes it easier to stay in the insane zone, which you can use to synergize with other effects for some powerful combos.

Alternating Fist
Tesla loved his alternating current (as do we all!)  Equip the Alternating Fist to deal extra electrical damage with standard attacks at the expense of a slower super special charge time for his lightning cannon.

Patriot Pummelers
Nothing will faze Teddy while his Patriot Pummelers are equipped.  The strength of the nation makes him highly resilient against sanity damage.  They also make him unable to wield a ranged weapon, so get in the enemy's face and smash 'em down like a bull moose.

The upcoming single player demo will feature a couple different upgrades for a slightly different experience for multiple playthroughs, so you'll get to experience a character upgrade path in a simplified way.

The full game will not have upgrades on the fly, however.  You'll spec your character out fully between missions to keep the actual gameplay focused on the action.

See you next time!

August 12, 2017

Frame yourself

Some of the many unlockables being worked on for Legends of the Brawl are custom portrait frames to show off your personality. These will be shown to all players in co-op, as you see in the screenshot above, so everyone will know of your love for tentacles, or whatever your thing is!

We plan on having lots of different styles from silly to horror, plus seasonal and elite status frames which will take skill and dedication to acquire.  Additionally, the inner ring will reflect your overall player level and will upgrade over time automatically.

We also will have some themed frames exclusively available from partners from time to time, such as the chest of gold portrait frame seen on Lizzie above.  If you fancy one of those for yourself, head on over to BrightLocker to snag one for free and join the fun!

August 4, 2017

Legends of the Brawl on BrightLocker!

BrightLocker is a brand new site you should definitely check out if you're a gamer.  At its heart it's a way to connect game devs with game players & fans.  Ask devs anything you want, check out dev video streams, see the newest info on a game, and support devs by snagging cool in-game or physical loot, and some exclusive stuff you won't find anywhere else.

The site has just launched, and we were lucky enough to be one of the few games on from the beginning.  We really like what they're building and see it as a great way to engage with our players.

Stop by and say hi! https://www.brightlocker.com/games/legends-of-the-brawl

Legends of the Brawl upgraded to Unity 2017

Teddy defends against the darkness

Unity's new version 2017 adds a bunch of new features and effects.  Above you can see the great new post process lighting setup we've implemented that adds even more drama to a spooky night.

What's Teddy shooting at?  Find out in the new single player demo we'll be releasing this year.

There's some more fun behind the scenes stuff to show you, so click on to keep reading!

January 11, 2017

Unity's first multiplayer audio solution

It's a new year, time for some new tools!

We have just released Master Audio Multiplayer on the Unity Asset Store.

MAM is the first ever multiplayer audio plugin for Unity, taking the time consuming work of writing RPCs and unique audio code and handling it with Master Audio's easy to use inspectors & pull down menus.

Full press release and feature set after the jump