March 17, 2018

Devblog #5: How To Make Your Profit Share Project A Success

Greetings Legends!
This week, we've got Eric Boosman who is going to chat about successfully building a profit share project with a team!

March 3, 2018

Devblog #4: Animating chains and drawbridges.

Greetings Legends!
This week, we are hearing from Christi Clausen, who is here to talk a little bit about animating a chain drawbridge!

February 23, 2018

Devblog #3: Enemy AI Design - Dark Brides

Greetings Legends!
This week, we are hearing from Jerrod Sweeney who is going to talk a little bit about the enemy behavior of the Dark Brides. This is a follow-up post to our past post about the wolf enemy.

February 16, 2018

Devblog #2: The Music Origins and Motifs of Legends of the Brawl

Greetings Legends!
This week we are going to hear from Richard Hunter, who is composing the music for Legends of the Brawl! We even have a few short snippets to share with you.

He talks about influences, motifs, and how he structures his workflow.

Join us and check it all out!

February 8, 2018

The First Entry In Our New Devblog Series: A Story About Physics And Colliders.

Greetings Legends!
We have been pondering ways to bring you more frequent updates while not spoiling anything fun we have planned for you. The answer was simple: let's get everyone talking about what they're doing with some devblogs! We're going to kick it off with a quick entry from our lead programmer, Ben Marcus!

Have you ever invested hours into solving a problem that in the end didn't really need solving? Yeah, sometimes I wish I could travel back in time just to slap myself before I start down the wrong path when debugging.

The wrong path

Well here are some basics about Unity collision and physics...

October 24, 2017

Last chance to vote on our 3rd environment!

Time is short to make your voice heard in choosing our next environment!

The final count will be made next week and the one with the most votes will be next in line.

The three choices are:

San Francisco
1906 earthquake-torn city.  How do you think Lombard St. got so twisted?

Chinese ghost temple
High on a misty hill with hanging coffins, paper lanterns, and s-s-spooky ghosts!

Belfast docks
Titanic waiting to embark.  It's unsinkable!

Head on over to BrightLocker right now and cast your vote!

September 22, 2017

Music to Brawl to

Let's talk about the music in Legends of the Brawl!

We've got a fantastic write-up for you from our amazing composer, Richard Hunter.  He's from Glasgow, so be sure to read this in a Scottish accent.

Glad he's not wearing a kilt here

Richard Hunter: As Legends of Brawl is based around the early 20th century, much of my work is largely orchestral based, inspired from the era. There was an interesting movement during this time between large scale romantic music and chamber music.  The music in LOB is always inspired by this transition and often elevates from chamber ensemble to full orchestra using certain adaptive music techniques.


Tchaikovsky is a massive inspiration, particularly his string quartet works like Souvenir de Florence - Tchaikovsky can have a quite sinister feel as well as beauty in his work, which is something I always aspire to - good vs evil elements in melodies.

That said, I can’t deny that many of my themes are largely inspired from film & games from the 80’s and 90’s. John Williams is the master of creating popular themes and musical representations of mood, and much of the heroic elements of LOB are inspired by films he scored in the 80’s. Game composers' Nobuo Uematsu and Motoi Sakuraba attention to capturing character and level settings was an element I tried to reflect with the atmosphere of LOB environments.