Master Audio

Master Audio for Unity 3D

Master Audio is now live on the Unity 3D Asset Store!

This package is all you need to fulfill your extensive audio needs.

Superb performance for mobile games, and just as useful for other platforms, as well. Now includes a slider for adjusting the volume of all sounds triggered by MasterAudio.

Get better audio, faster, with Master Audio

Contact us for student and bulk discounts!

If you develop games in Unity and want to massively increase your audio implementation speed and quality, watch our tutorial vid for our Master Audio plugin, and go grab it from the Unity asset store.

Check out how fast, powerful, and easy to use Master Audio is in our tutorial vid (recommended in HD full screen):


  • Built-in music ducking
  • Automatic and manual sound triggering (with true randomized sound variations available)
  • Audio pooling with full 3D sound capabilities

    ...and much more

Setup is a snap and you will never need to write more than the occasional line of simple code to use this. Email us any new feature requests, as well!  Master Audio was used with great success in "Wall Street Titan", an Indie Game Magazine "Best of 2012" iOS title released in October 2012.  Enjoy!