Master Audio

Master Audio 2022 for Unity 3D

Master Audio 2022 is now live on the Unity Asset Store!

Developed over 10 years and thousands of hours, Master Audio 2022 represents the pinnacle of audio  frameworks for Unity. Speed up your audio setup & realize huge gains in audio runtime efficiency with high performance features including pooling. 
  • Includes full multiplayer support in the base package for the first time ever!
  • Integration with the best plugins in the Asset Store including all Opsive assets
  • Super fast workflow for your audio setup

Get better audio, faster, with Master Audio

If you develop games in Unity and want to massively increase your audio implementation speed and quality, watch our tutorial vid for our Master Audio plugin, and go grab it from the Unity asset store.

Check out how fast, powerful, and easy to use Master Audio is in our tutorial vid (recommended in HD full screen):


  • Built-in music ducking
  • Automatic and manual sound triggering (with true randomized sound variations available)
  • Audio pooling with full 3D sound capabilities

    ...and much more

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