The Team

Eric Boosman, CEO, Creative Director 
Eric's love affair with video games goes back to playing his first game of Pong as a wee tyke.  A lifelong voracious gamer, he has sought to create new game experiences even as a child sharing mazes he drew, later writing and running original D&D campaigns, and even writing new game mechanics at 12 years old, creating "Skate Duel", a combat skateboarding add-on to Steve Jackson's Car Wars tabletop game.
Eric's professional game development career began in the early 2000's, as Art Director on PC racing simulations GTR, GTR 2, and GT Legends, helping launch SimBin Studios, and the core team that went on to form Slightly Mad Studios, developing Need for Speed: SHIFT and SHIFT 2: Unleashed.  Along the way he has done game design and art in many styles and genres, including Facebook TCG Warstorm, physics puzzler Tiki Towers on the Wii, and, of course, Dark Tonic's own Attack of the Wall Street Titan, Treasure Tombs: Ra Deal, and the upcoming Legends of the Brawl co-op action game.

Brian HunsakerTechnical Director
Brian started coding his own video games at home at the age of 10, eventually detouring into Web Development in 1999, where he specialized in Microsoft technologies. He has architected enterprise-scale projects for clients such as Microsoft, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In 2003 he became certified as a MCSD in C#.NET, and has since helped develop Best Practice Coding Guidelines on more than one occasion.
With the recent explosion of casual gaming, Brian has returned to his favorite thing - game programming, with Unity 3D as his weapon of choice.

Ben MarcusLead Programmer
A well rounded game developer, Ben graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa in 2009 with a BA in Game Art and Design, and is primarily a self taught programmer.  He takes pride in quickly learning whatever skills are necessary to get the job done.

After graduating, Ben worked for Artix Entertainment 
filling many roles from Level Design, Game Design, and Client Side Scripting in AS2 and AS3.

2015 he joined Dark Tonic and has since worked on every aspect of the Legends of the Brawl's functionality.
Gaming is “in his blood.” As a child he always dabbled in game design with the Warcraft 2 and 
Starcraft editors. “I had a folder I brought to school with me that was a print out of the Starcraft Editor documentation,” just so he could study it when he wasn't at a computer. When he isn't making games, he's playing games, studying game mechanics and design, or watching others play games.

Garritt GrandbergProgrammer
Garritt's first experiences with games goes back to the late 70s when his parents purchased a car racing console from Sears.  An Atari 2600 was next and just an appetizer for the system which was most influential in his life, the Commodore 64.  

The C64 not only allowed him to play a plethora of games but also introduced him to his life-long love... computer programming.

Garritt graduated from the University of Dubuque in 1996 with a BS degree in Computer Information Systems and since graduation has worked as a software engineer for Visionary Services in Des Moines, Iowa.  He has always had a dream of developing games and in his downtime has worked towards this goal in languages such as Java and BlitzMax.  In 2012 he decided to focus primarily on developing games with Unity.

In addition to programming, Garritt enjoys watching movies and spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Fábio ResendeProgrammer
At around 8 years old, Fabio started playing video games on his father's Atari 2600 but it was playing Metal Gear Solid on the original Playstation that he started to dream of making video games and telling stories.

In his country of Portugal, video games are considered to be just for kids so he specialized in automation, robotics, and industrial maintenance. Through this study he learned how to program in C and the dream came alive again.

After college, he decided to teach himself how to make video games. He studied online and started making visual novels in 2D on Renpy, tried UnrealEngine 3, CryEngine, but was Unity his favorite.

Fábio joined Dark Tonic in 2019 and ever since he has been living his dream!

Jerrod Kerwin-Sweeney, Designer
The youngest in a line of proud, hardworking Irishmen, Jerrod's addiction to caffeine and competitive online gaming fuel his enthusiasm towards the gaming industry. After graduating high school he joined Dark Tonic doing testing and QA as he worked through Full Sail University's Online Game Design program.  He graduated in 2015, and now is doing AI development and game design on Legends of the Brawl.

Among some of Jerrod’s favorite activities are rock climbing, traditional archery, hunting, sculpting, and wood crafting with his father. When they aren’t lazing around in front of a screen, the Sweeney’s can be found partaking in numerous outdoor activities and debauchery.

Dave FarisiLead Environment Artist
Having graduated with a BA in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida in 2007, Dave started his first job in the industry at Plainview Software, working on iOS games.  To expand his technical knowledge he attended graduate school at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, and shortly after went to work at Artix as a 3D environment artist on a yet to be released title.  

Dave started with Dark Tonic in 2014 as an Environment Artist, and quickly rose to the Lead Artist position thanks to his deep technical skills and great eye for style and quality.  An avid gamer since the NES days, Dave is a big fan of hand painted stylized games and believes aesthetics beat graphical realism any day of the week.

When he's not knee deep in art, Dave likes to watch movies, having seen many more than he cares to admit, and likes to experiment with cooking (homemade jerky counts as cooking right?) 

Christi Clausen, Animation & Rigging
Christi has always had a love for animation, especially if it can bring a smile to your face. While working on her degree in animation from the Art Institute of Seattle, Christi found a home as a 3D animator for her fellow students in the game arts department. These connections lead her to the awesome team at  Dark Tonic. 

Now she spends her time bringing various characters and assets to life inside Legend of the Brawl; from making Teddy Roosevelt dance like a certain cartoon character, to Lizzie Borden fainting like a southern bell, drawbridges slamming open, old jalopies driving, and much more! 

In her free time, you can find her painting records or making some sort of crafty thing, cooking way too much food, or drawing comics.

Richard HunterComposer
Richard is a Bmus (Hons) music graduate from Bimm London and London College of Music, but uses his experiences performing and creating music all over the world, and shadowing composers such as Patrick Doyle (on Sony's Puppeteer) to create music that has a strong vision in mind. Some of his recent credits include Thomas and Friends, Watcher in the Woods (Hartbreak Films), Levic, Cinephonix and various indie US/UK film productions. 

His style combines traditional orchestration with modern styles to create soundscapes that can vary from orchestral playful to gritty modular sound design.

When Richard is not in his studio he likes to watch/game media from the 80’s and geeks out with anything that can be related to a synthesizer.

Nathan Frisson, Writer, Voice Over Artist
A voice over actor and former radio station DJ, Nathan also has a love for writing. Having written over fifty short stories and three novels, he is currently working on his first comic book endeavor.  Add onto that a forty year love for video games and it’s easy to see why he joined the Dark Tonic team. 

His first computer was a TRS-80 model four computer. Rumors say that he still has it. 

And it works.