Core GameKit

Core GameKit for Unity 3D

Core GameKit is now on sale in the Unity Asset Store!

Jump start your Unity project in minutes.

Dramatically speed up your time to market for your new game with Core GameKit! A virtual Swiss army knife for game creation, this plugin is an excellent foundation for any Unity project. It covers a wide variety of essential genre-spanning functionality in one compact, versatile package!

Make something KILLER.

Video demo of v1.3 features, watch in HD:

Full-featured Pooling System - no need to buy another plugin for this! A must-have for performance on mobile.

Wave Spawning System - Triggered spawners (based on events), Timed spawners and more types are available with dozens of options for rotation, spacing, elimination, timing. Skip 
waves based on health or any other variable!

World Variables - Create every variable you need without writing any code! Score / Health / Enemy Speed. The combat system and wave system can modify these automatically, just 
specify the values! You can also use these variables for any Inspector value, a la Playmaker!

Combat System - assign Hit Points / Attack Points. Auto-destruct / prefab replacement / World Variable modification to award score, etc. If you have no combat per se, this can also be used for coins or health packs you pick up.

No Coding - we've done all the heavy lifting for you. You will not need to write any code in 99% of all situations with Core GameKit. Just drag / drop and click the essentials of your game together in minutes!

Playmaker Custom Actions -to take it even further, we've written a slew of Playmaker Custom Actions to make it even easier to change Core GameKit on the fly without coding!

Core GameKit V3.0 - now available in the Unity Asset Store from DarkTonic - the makers of the top-selling Master Audio plugin.