December 12, 2020

DTSU #002


Greetings Legends!

This week we have been working on all sorts of things. Starting with our antagonist, Grigori Rasputin. 

Rasputin will be the man foiling all of our plans in Legends of the Brawl. Rumor has it, he has been spreading magical crystals around the world, tainting people’s souls so he can drain them later. 

Among other things the audio team has been working on creating better ambience systems for the demo. There are different areas the player will be able to traverse. Currently we have been having issues in Unity; trying to get the audio emitters to work nicely with our Master Audio Plugin. We are chipping away at the problem and gaining progress as we are communicating with our lead programmer of Master Audio, Brian. 

We have been brainstorming different ideas for environments. Discord user Jurassic Acid Gaming suggests creating a level around the Spanish Influenza Pandemic. We are currently taking more suggestions from our fanbase, if you’d like to suggest something, join the discord link below and have a chat with us. We are always looking to chat with those who want to chat with us!


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