December 19, 2020

DTSU #003

 Good Afternoon Legends!

The Dark Tonic Studio will be taking a holiday break and we will be back again with another update on the 9th. However, lets go over what we've been working on this past week. 


Audio like other realms of game design can get tricky. Nothing breaks the players immersion like an unbalanced stereo field, or a seemly random sound without any context. 

For this week lets show case the first couple seconds of the demo! 

The Audio Team, Juan, Bruno, Erin, and I have been working on the farm area for the past week. Finding out how to create a better ambience in the world for those looking to explore it. We've been adding multiple forest sounds, footsteps, and dialogue into the world. Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of the demo farm area. 

That's all for this week, check back with us after the break on January 9th!


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