August 4, 2017

Legends of the Brawl upgraded to Unity 2017

Teddy defends against the darkness

Unity's new version 2017 adds a bunch of new features and effects.  Above you can see the great new post process lighting setup we've implemented that adds even more drama to a spooky night.

What's Teddy shooting at?  Find out in the new single player demo we'll be releasing this year.

There's some more fun behind the scenes stuff to show you, so click on to keep reading!

The new improvements to the bloom are excellent.  For those that may not know, bloom is the graphic effect that adds dynamic glows to overly bright surfaces, lights, or objects.

The effect is a bit strong here, but we thought it made for a pretty cool pic:

Something major is definitely going down

Other stuff we've been playing around with is motion blur for a slightly cinematic feel.  The top level graphics quality will most likely feature this, but we'll have full graphics quality controls for turning off stuff like that to help performance on older PCs.

Run, Teddy, Run!
Legends of the Brawl is set in the time period from about 1905-1915 when technology was just taking baby steps thanks to great minds like Nikola Tesla's.

To help reflect that we plan on having some old movie style sepia tone cinematic intros and such to help reinforce the era.  Here's a quick test we did.

[insert jaunty honky tonk piano tune]
One other particularly cool thing is Unity 2017 now has full lighting in the scene view, which saves a huge amount of time adjusting lighting and such during level creation, so that's great.  Here's an example from a place Teddy wishes he wasn't going.

definitely don't drink the water
That's it for now, back to work so we can get this game in your hands asap!

PS. if you'd like to help bring Legends of the Brawl to life, check us out on BrightLocker, a new platform for gamer & dev interaction: