January 11, 2017

Unity's first multiplayer audio solution

It's a new year, time for some new tools!

We have just released Master Audio Multiplayer on the Unity Asset Store.

MAM is the first ever multiplayer audio plugin for Unity, taking the time consuming work of writing RPCs and unique audio code and handling it with Master Audio's easy to use inspectors & pull down menus.

Full press release and feature set after the jump

Dark Tonic Delivers First Ever Multiplayer Audio Solution for Unity

January 11, 2016, Seattle, WA – Dark Tonic has just released Master Audio Multiplayer, the first ever multiplayer audio framework for the Unity game engine.

Developers working on multiplayer games with Unity previously had to do time consuming work writing unique code and RPCs (remote procedure calls) to get network audio functioning.  Master Audio Multiplayer handles all of this for you, now making multiplayer audio as simple as using drop down menus.

Released as standalone or as an add-on upgrade to the top selling 5* rated Master Audio plugin, Master Audio Multiplayer aims to bring maximum ease to Unity audio work.  Just check the "Multiplayer Broadcast" checkbox that appears on the custom event-based scripts and dynamic audio will be heard by all players in range. Or use the streamlined multiplayer API to send audio commands across the wire with one line of code.

Master Audio Multiplayer currently requires Photon networking to be installed, although full UNET compatibility is coming soon.

Key Features in Master Audio Multiplayer:

  • One-click multiplayer broadcasting
  • Easy one-line multiplayer code API
  • Fast Mecanim setup with custom state sound script
  • Helpful diagnostic event message logs
  • Audio occlusion with custom dynamic filters
  • Full online API & how-to videos
  • Integrated help buttons
  • Dozens of events to hook into with no coding required

“We’re proud to deliver the first multiplayer audio framework for Unity, and we can’t wait to see the cool projects that will come from it,” says Brian Hunsaker, Technical Director of Dark Tonic.

About Dark Tonic
Dark Tonic opened its doors in 2011, led by game industry veteran, Eric Boosman. The studio's first game 'Wall Street Titan' was selected by Indie Game Magazine as one of the best mobile action games of 2012.  Dark Tonic’s new multiplayer action game ‘Legends of the Brawl’ was recently greenlit on Steam.  For more information, visit: http://www.darktonic.com.


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