March 8, 2013

Master Audio v2.0 is now live

For the first time ever in Unity: Individual sound mixer controls

Master Audio's massive 2.0 update includes solo, muting, and volume sliders right in the inspector. No longer do you have the hassle of moving prefabs around to find the sample that's a little out of place!

Additionally, the UI has been overhauled and seriously streamlined to keep your workflow at top speed. Sound groups now have weighting so you can keep your favorite effects triggering most frequently without overplaying them, new controls have been added to keep rapid fire effects from generating audio artifacts, and more.

Upgrades have also been made under the hood to keep Master Audio the top audio plugin for Unity 3.xx and 4.xx. Check the Unity forum thread for full v2.0 details.

Download now:

Get better audio, faster, with Master Audio.