March 26, 2013

Killer Waves v2.0 Released!

Not to be outdone by Master Audio, we've beefed up Killer Waves with some huge improvements.  As usual, this is a free upgrade for all 1.xx users.

Here are a few of the new key features in v2.0:
  • World variables - coins, XP, health, score, unlocks, and more, easily created with a simple, yet powerful UI.  Stats are fully customizable by the user and can carry (or not) from scene to scene.  Listeners can hook into NGUI or other UI system to update the display when values change.
  • Killables - assign hit points, update world variables, trigger effects.  New Killable script easily allows multiple-hit targets, auto-despawning, explosions, "death prefab" prefab replacement and more!
  • 9 new listener classes - fast & powerful customization with simple code hooks.  Syncro Spawners, Triggered Spawners & Despawners, Level Settings, Killable, and more classes; hook up custom code to wave start, wave end, item spawned, and other events.  Each listener can be sub-classed for your particular needs.

...and lots more.  Check it out!