July 30, 2012

Robo-kicking the tires and lighting the fires!

We realized it's been ages since our last update!  You must be wondering what the heck is going on with Wall Street Titan.

I'll tell you.  Awesomeness.

Awesomeness is what has been going on.  We have been cranking away on the game, adding loads of super cool features, and adding a bunch of polish to everything.

Our original plan was to release a basic version of the game, and then add features and polish over time.  We've decided instead to put our best foot forward, really make the game shine with full features, visual excitement, and great game play that continues to challenge and reward you as you improve in skill.  We want to give everyone a maximum super robot fun time from the very first play.

Check out some of the new features that have gone in:

  • Powerups of Multi-Badassery that pump up your score, give you mega destructive capabilities, or just generally cause carnage
  • Mini-Objectives that reward you for doing wacky stuff or accomplishing small tasks in each game
  • Social Leaderboards so you can challenge your friends (and talk a little friendly trash ;) )

...and a huge new feature way too hot for TV!  Robots gone wild! Seriously, we can't talk about it yet, we're too emotional about it.

So, Wall Street Titan is coming, have no fear!  Ok, maybe have some fear.  But only if you're a corrupt pixel banker.

Stay tuned!