February 23, 2018

Devblog #3: Enemy AI Design - Dark Brides

Greetings Legends!
This week, we are hearing from Jerrod Sweeney who is going to talk a little bit about the enemy behavior of the Dark Brides. This is a follow-up post to our past post about the wolf enemy.

Dark Bride

The second enemy we are detailing today is the Dark Bride!

  • Sentry type enemy
  • Medium HP
  • Medium movement speed and large patrol range
  • Medium-damage ranged and melee attacks

Dark Brides are the sentries of this nightmare world. Constantly patrolling and always aware, the Dark Brides are often found wandering the castle grounds in small groups of 3 or 4, searching for their next target. 

While they will not pursue you, any player that agros a Dark Bride will be met with a volley of hard-hitting fireballs – the Dark Bride’s primary ranged attack.
Closing the distance is the fastest way to deal with a group of Dark Brides, but going toe-to-toe will put you in range of a Bride’s razor sharp claws and brutal swiping attacks.

A Dark Bride’s targeting is based on distance and line-of-sight. Getting too close will land you within melee attack range!*

*One or two undead brides can be easily dealt with, but a larger mob is a serious threat!*

*Dark Brides can be easily identified by their ghostly, floating figures and long claws.*

Getting Technical 

And to close out this post, a quick preview of the Dark Bride’s AI behavior tree:

That's it for this week's post. Next week, we will be hearing from Christi Clausen about some of the animations she has been working on!

Thanks for tuning in! 

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