May 12, 2015

Level Up! Audio Director acquired!

Say hi to our new awesome audio architect Nate Madsen!

As a first grader, Nate's world was forever changed when he saw a friend’s NES. From that moment on, he knew video games would be a part of his life. The only other thing to hold his attention was music.  The seeds of his two great passions were planted.  

Fast forward to Nate's college years when he would routinely spend hours writing songs on his computer, just to make his roommates laugh. It wasn't until 2005, after finishing his graduate work, that Nate began to pursue his dream of creating audio for games...

Nate’s first game audio project was a very cool, but tragically unreleased racing game for the Nintendo 3DS.  This experience taught him a great deal about game audio design and direction as he got his hands dirty with implementation as well as composing.  

Taking a detour from games, he worked for FUNimation Entertainment on top tier anime projects including Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh and Case Closed, but games kept calling. In 2008 he began work for NetDevil, taking on the lead audio role on LEGO Universe, Jumpgate Evolution (unreleased) and Fortunes Online. 
Since 2010, Nate’s been a full time freelancer, providing audio for over 140 projects and loving watching these games come to life! 

To learn more about Nate and hear some of his work, check out:

Welcome, Nate!  Great to have you aboard!