January 19, 2013

Help us decide on our next game!

As we at Dark Tonic Games Studio plan our upcoming projects for 2013 and beyond, which of these game ideas sound interesting to you?

1. Casual puzzler: Bejeweled Blitz meets Uno
2. Core puzzler: Turn-based Bomberman meets Legend of Zelda
3. Tap shooter: Time Crisis meets Operation Wolf with elements of Contra
4. PC open world vehicle combat sim: Forza Horizon + Mad Max + salvage + customization
5. Futuristic casual racer: F-Zero GX meets I, Robot with Akira style
6. Physics Puzzler: Tower Defense meets Angry Birds with a cute zombie onslaught

We've got design work and pre-production done to some extent on all of these titles, and we want to know what you guys might like to see the most!

Drop us a line, or just go vote on our new forum!