January 31, 2013

Got enemies? Get Killer Waves!

Killer Waves has just released on the Unity asset store!

So, what is it?

Killer Waves is a total solution for all your game's object spawning / level / wave generation needs.

Simply create a number of global levels and waves per level, and use our spawner prefabs to create waves of enemies, power-ups, or other goodies per global wave.

Both timed waves and elimination waves (new wave started when all of the previous wave despawned/killed) are supported out of the box. Very lightweight code, super simple setup, exceptional performance on mobile devices. Works perfectly with Pool Manager or without. You can even cue music changes with the waves!

Check out this real time demo video and see how fast you could set up your game:

Grab it while it's at its half off intro price of just ten bucks! Lots of features and upgrades to come, and as usual, we welcome your requests.