March 28, 2019

Looking for Audio Director / hands-on SFX - rev share only


Dark Tonic is currently looking for a hands-on SFX dev / Audio Director to help bring Legends of the Brawl to life on PC, XBox One, PS4!

We're a small group, so we all wear a lot of different hats. Keeps things fresh & fun! We all work remotely, so the commute is easy, but great communication is mega important.

What we need:

  • Hands-on implementation of SFX - this is a must, gotta get your hands dirty inside the build
  • Setting up ambient zones
  • Attaching sfx to objects and animations
  • Mixing everything for the right balance
  • SFX creation skills
  • Combat audio
  • Env interaction
  • UI audio
  • Good ear for mixing
  • Understanding how audio impacts and enhances gameplay
  • Cinematics / Trailers audio direction & creation
  • 5.1 monitor / reference setup - stereo mix will not tell the whole story

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge / experience with our Master Audio plugin
  • Voice over performance direction / experience with VO sessions
  • Intuitive understanding of reverbs, delays, filters, etc.

We do already have a great composer and a suite of music, so we are not looking for additional music. If anything is needed (any missing in-game stings, etc) you'll work with our composer.

This is a revenue share only team, but things are pretty far along.

Some game info here:

If interested please email for more info!