March 6, 2019

C# Unity programmer needed!


Dark Tonic is currently looking for a C# programmer to help bring Legends of the Brawl to life!

We're looking for someone with general skills to be part of our team.  We're a small group, so we all wear a lot of different hats.  Keeps things fresh & fun!  We all work remotely, so the commute is easy, but great communication is mega important.

What we need:

  • Hooking up animations & interactive elements for key gameplay moments
  • UI coding for GUI & HUD
  • Other generalist programmer stuff

Nice to have:

  • AI behavior programming
  • Character controller setup experience
  • UNet / Bolt / Photon or other network coding experience

This is a revenue share only team, but things are pretty far along.

If interested please email for more info!